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Body Stress Release


Back Pain - Headaches - Sciatic Pain Numbness - Anxiety - Fatigue

Repetitive Strain Injury - Stiffness

Muscle Cramps - Digestive Issues

Migraines - Neck & Shoulder Pain

Fibromyalgia and more>

The pressures that life in the 21st century imposes on our everyday lives can take its toll on our wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally. An overload of stress on our systems can lead to symptoms of pain and discomfort when our bodies fail to adapt to the pressures we subject it to.


Body Stress Release (BSR) offers a logical, realistic approach to us achieving a better state of health. BSR is a safe, gentle, non invasive, non manipulative complementary health technique that assists the body to release stored tension and correct muscle imbalances.


Ian Soutar has been practicing the BSR technique for 10 years from his practices` in Letham, Angus and Aberdeen. When attending a BSR appointment with Ian, you will lie fully clothed on a specially designed bed/table while he identifies areas of stored tension in your muscles using a series of simple tests. After having identified where the tension lies, he will apply light pressure to certain areas to encourage the release of this tension in your body. Clients often report how “relaxing” a BSR session can be.  When muscles relax, your nervous system communicates far more effectively with the body which in turn, facilitates the healing process.


Read more about Ian`s journey to discovering BSR. BSR is equally effective on babies and children as it is on adults. Babies and children generally respond very quickly and positively to BSR as the stress in their bodies has had less time to accumulate.


Contact Ian if you are suffering from Back Pain, Neck/Shoulder Pain, Tension or Stress.

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